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Niz G

Tank-“Untitled” (Love Wins Your Soul)

Niz G is a Peruvian-born female stencil artist who was named “The Queen of Stencil Art” By The Austin American Statesman, after contributing to the local street art scene for 12 years. She is known for her multi-layered, photo-realistic stenciling technique, a style that is instantly recognizable. Many of her pieces have become landmarks throughout Austin, where she calls home.

Niz’s work is largely inspired by mythology, spirituality, elevated consciousness, music, and activism. Her work attempts to blend the fluidity found in nature with mystical human experiences, and specializes in goddess and archetype portraiture that empowers and elevates consciousness. Among her list of notable clients are; XX, Mike Judge, Red Bull, The Continental Club, Homeslice Pizza, and Mexic Arte Museum.

Her untitled contribution to Dreamland represents beauty in mixing ethnicities that open immigration affords. This repurposed fiberglass tank portrays three citizens of mixed ethnicities including Peruvian, Ukrainian, Italian, German-Canadian, English-Philippino, Chinese, and Spanish. Three mystical women, in three different stages of life, symbolize the mythological, earthly, and metaphysical realms.

Instagram: @elenizzle

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