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Nathan Sloke

Tanks-“Dreamland” & “Pursue Happiness”

Nathan Sloke is an Austin, Texas native who has been producing graffiti art professionally since the 1990s. Years of dedication to his art have given rise to a unique style dominated by explosive color. Sloke has contributed two murals to our gallery which were done on repurposed fiberglass water tanks that he painted freehand and later titled “Dreamland” and “Pursue Happiness.”

Sloke travels the world exhibiting, curating, and producing murals for companies including; Apple, Facebook, Nike, Google, Red Bull, Ray-Ban, Cartoon Network, SXSW, Nikon, Coke, Pepsi, and many others. Sloke has been recognized in the news for his unique skills and documentaries have highlighted his accomplishments, he is a standout star in this business.

Sloke gives back to the Austin community by teaching art and mentoring the youth in partnership with the City of Austin, Austin ISD, and the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Instagram: @slokeone

Artists Web Site: