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Michael Benisty

Statues-“Equals”, “Serenity”, “Cosmic Love”

Michael Benisty is a digital and sculpture artist whose work has been featured around the world. Through his craft, he hopes to encourage feelings of inspiration, connection, imagination, and celebration. Benisty has seen how his sculptures and installations transform into community spaces that become filled with global dialogue and self-expression without barriers. Benisty says the intention behind his pieces  is to “combine humanity, spirituality, nature, and mythicism creating an experience that encourages growth and discovery.” We are happy to have three of his large scale sculptures as a part of Dreamland which include:

“Equals,” standing at twelve feet tall and fourteen feet wide, was fabricated in stainless steel with an electroplated black and white finish. To quote Michael, “the piece was created to represent equality, and seek peace in humanity.”

“Serenity,” which is roughly twenty-one feet tall, was installed with arms raised towards our American Flag. This mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture is simply awe-inspiring.

And finally, “Cosmic Love,” which stands at eighteen feet tall. This piece is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and depicts two humans in a locked embrace. It is located on our disc golf course.


Artists Web Site: