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Kimie Flores

Tank-“Untitled” (Astronaut)

Kimie Flores is a freelance artist from Austin Texas. She attended Texas State University receiving her BFA in Communication Design with a minor in painting. Kimie works in several mediums that allow her to explore her creativity and produce a variety of artwork. She splits her time painting murals and working as a Tattoo artist at Studio Ink.

Kimie has done work for companies such as Facebook, Museum of Illusions, Freebirds, SXSW, Infinite Monkey Theorem, and Headspring. She frequently collaborates with HOPE Outdoor Gallery and is a member of the Blue Dozen collective. This untitled piece adds a sense of wonder to Dreamland, depicting an astronaut on a voyage through space. This mural was done freehand using spray paint on a repurposed fiberglass water tank that presented the unique challenge of designing on a 360° canvas.

Instagram: @kimieflores

Artist Website: