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Tank-“Untitled” (Children with Balloons)

Jiminai is a Nevada-based artist who has been creating and dreaming of art since his youth. His passion started with comic book characters and has evolved to include more abstract elements and designs. In college, Jiminai minored in printmaking and spent years developing a digital illustration style that has been chosen for multiple projects by major brands such as; Red Bull, ONNIT Nutrition, El Jimador Tequila, as well as exhibiting in the Hope Outdoor Gallery.

He describes his untitled Dreamland piece as an exploration of human nature exemplifying the differences that make individuals unique. Jiminai relates to us the explanation below:

“This may sound silly, but balloons are a lot like us. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and there’s no judgment. They don’t have sides or only hang out with their own color of balloon and would never pop other balloons for their differences. Regardless of where they were made or what air fills them, they’re just happy and floating through life. We’re born inherently innocent. With big bright eyes and wide natural smiles, we begin exploring this world of fantasy with a curious excitement that can’t be taught. Children don’t judge, they observe, they play, they giggle, and make new friends without bias. This piece was created both to visually enjoy, but also to be a part of. Get a photo of yourself holding onto a balloon and feel like a kid again.”

Artist Instagram: @jiminai

Artist Website: