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Eric Ross

Tank-“Untitled” (Faces)

Erik Ross is a Texas native and recognized visual artist, currently living in Austin. His established style is comprised of abstract line work, free-flowing movement, and hard-line structure; illustrated with acrylics, aerosol, and various inks. His metaphorical portrait work is inspired by his awareness of the figurative masks worn in today’s society and the unveiling of his own ever-changing “mask”. Since childhood, his passion for abstract pen doodles has been ever-present. Having no formal background in the arts, his style was born out of deep exploration and years of honing his skill.

Evolving from his life experiences, Ross’s work has matured into various mediums including large-scale murals, original canvas, and custom wood cut-outs. Ross identifies painting as a therapeutic outlet that serves as the rawest form of expression, exposing one’s inner world as a means to connect with the outside world. We are proud to include Ross’s untitled mural at Dreamland.

The piece has a vibrant energy in his signature style of abstract design representing relatable perspectives of life. His work is a reminder that all things are dictated and defined by each individual’s consciousness and perception.

Instagram: @erk_ross

Artist Website: