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Drew Merritt

Tank-“Untitled” (woman with umbrella)

Drew Merritt grew up on a farm & cattle ranch in New Mexico. He spent the rest of his time painting. With no artistic training, Merritt found himself experimenting with graffiti, street art, and portraiture until he found his niche. It wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles that he realized he could “make it” by painting both murals and oil paintings in his romanticized, Renaissance-inspired style. Merritt is interested in showcasing flaws, whether they be physical, emotional, or environmental, in his paintings. His realistic portraitures tap into his exploration of empathy and personal relationships.

Merritt’s untitled piece is a stunning and surreal addition to Dreamland. Depicting a woman surrounded by smoke and a ship in a bottle, this work stands out as an impressive realistic portrait.

Instagram: @drewmerritt

Artist Website: