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Chris Carnabuci

Wood Sculptor-“Mariposita”

Chris Carnabuci is an American sculptor specializing in a CNC stacked plate method. His work has been exhibited at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and featured in numerous publications.

As a fully self-taught artist, Carnabuci initially began sculpting solid wood pieces but later transitioned to incorporate his skill as a CAD designer to create CNC cut and stacked plate sculptures. This technique slices a three-dimensional model into a set amount of layers which are then precisely stacked to create an artistic rendition of the original model. He is well known for the sculpture “Mariposita” that was once on display at the infamous desert festival, Burning Man, and is now a part of the Dreamland. Carnabuci’s “Mariposita” was inspired by and modeled after Chris’s Spouse, professional dancer Paula Carnabuci.

Instagram: @chriscarnabuci