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Gareth Maguire

Paint and Print-“Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today” and “Texas Style Beef Ribs”

Gareth Maguire is an Irish artist living and working in Austin, Texas. His figurative paintings and prints feature fragmented portraits and insurgent images from his life, past and present. He recontextualizes the works of old masters such as Da Vinci, employing esthetics that echoes Basquiat, Bacon, Dubuffet, and Picasso. His work illustrates dichotomies such as love versus hate and war versus peace. His social commentary ranges from humorous and straightforward to insightful and provocative. His life in Northern Ireland, England, France, New York, Los Angeles, and Texas has given him a perspective rendered in contradictions—colorful yet blacker then black, unique yet familiar, a unification of the obscure and the obvious.

Maguire’s “Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today” and “Texas Style Beef Ribs” from his “Don’t Mess With Texas” can be seen hanging in the Dreamland Fight Club.

Instagram: @gareth.maguire.official