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Tuesday Night’s 2022 Pickleball Night In America series-Dreamland Stadium Court-Pro Pickleball-Presented by DUPR & MLP

Tuesday Nights are Pro Pickleball Nights! DUPR & MLP presents the Pickleball Night in America series at the Dreamland Stadium Court. Witness demanding match ups between the worlds top pickleball players with lightning fast play and rally scoring. Come see the action and drama unfold on the court live or catch it on livestream here: DUPRYOUTUBECHANNEL

Stadium seating and Free admission.

Tuesday Nights -7pm

DUPR is a real-time pickleball rating app, that allows pickleball players to keep accurate track of their rating every time they play and connect with players on all levels. It takes the guess work out of trying to rate yourself as well as rate other players. In the past the only method of being rated was by playing in expensive tournaments. DUPR is the official rating system of MLP-Major League Pickleball.

For more information Click Here: DUPR

MLP-Major League Pickleball, is America’s premier Pro Pickleball league. For more information on teams, owners, news and events click here: MLP or find us on Facebook

Understanding How Rally Scoring Works:

When folks and pros alike are looking for faster paced pickleball play and a simpler way to score they turn to Rally scoring.  

Unlike traditional volley ball scoring used in pickleball, Rally Scoring allows a team to score on any point of play if they have served the ball or not. Below is a simple explanation of how Rally Scoring works, give it a try the next time you play!

1) Each player remains in the position they start in. A coin is tossed to determine which team gets to serve first, the ball is served to the opposite player and the point begins. 

2) If the serving team wins the point, they continue to serve, alternating the serve between each player, back and forth, but never changing positions on the court. If the serving team continues to win, they continue to rack up points while alternating the serve.

3) If the serving team loses the point, they lose the serve to the opposing team, and the opposing team gains a point, they have won the point and the right to serve. 

4) Who starts to serve on the opposing team is determined whether the score of the serving team is an odd or even number.

If the score is odd, the player on the left (facing the net) would begin serving. If the score is an even number for the serving team, the player on the right (facing the net) would begin serving. 

In this case our game has just begun, the team that started with the serve lost the serve, and the opposing team has a score of 1, since they won the point and the right to serve, 1 is an odd number, so the player on the left side (facing the court) begins to serve.

5)The teams change sides of the court when they reach 11.

6) The game is played to 21, a team must reach 21 when they are serving. The game continues in the event of a tie until a serving team scores a point to break the tie. 

Games move much faster, and players concentrate more because every point counts. Its fast and fun!